Powder Coating Booths

QC500 Mobile Spray Booth

QC500 Powder Coating Mobile Spray Booth

The Parker Ionics QC500 powder-coating spray booth is free-standing and portable. The QC500 spray booth is ideal for laboratory settings and job shops needing to coat small batches quickly. This powder-coating spray booth is ideal for industries that use a wide range of parts, such as medical devices, automotive aftermarket parts, custom wheels, and refinishing of OE wheels.


Other QC Series Powder Coating Booths

The QC Series of Powder Coating Booths are designed to optimize powder application onto a variety of parts or test panels within a laboratory or small shop environment. They feature industry-specified capture velocities to contain powder within the booth and prevent powder drift into the local environment. There are two versions of the QC booth, the QC1000 and QC500. Both versions include a VFD on the fan motor for transfer efficiency optimization and powder containment.




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About Pulse Power Technology

Parker Ionics’ Pulse Power Advanced Corona Charging Technology is the only corona charging method offering
superior powder penetration and a quality finish coupled with excellent transfer efficiencies Pulse Power improves overall gun performance and transfer efficiencies using the time-proven Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) technology to turn the charge to the electrode on and off multiple times per second.

This continuous pulsing of the high voltage effectively reduces the overall current flow which, in turn, reduces the creation of excess free ions. The rapid pulsing of the charge at high voltage allows for high-efficiency charging of the powder and improves powder penetration into Faraday Cage areas without the detrimental effects of excess free ions. Reducing free ions also minimizes backionization for an even smoother, higher-quality finish for all of your powder coating projects.