Powder Coating Nozzles

Diffuser Nozzle for Powder Coating Guns

Take Your Powder Coating Spray Nozzles and Equipment
to the Next Level 

Introducing the latest version of our GX8500 powder coating spray gun unit, now even more advanced with new updates. The Proficy® Series powder application system boasts our patented 4G Super Pulse Power technology, making it highly durable, easy to use, and capable of delivering top-notch coverage and quality results.

Some of the key features include superior first pass transfer efficiencies on all surfaces, the ability to eliminate faraday cage and orange peel issues, and the option for the GX141 Electrostatic Handgun with or without back-of-gun control.

Upgrade Your Powder Coating Results with Parker Ionics High-Performance Nozzles

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Achieve dramatic results in your powder coating with the wide selection of nozzles offered by Parker Ionics. Our Adjustable Fan Sprays and other nozzles can be attached to your powder coating gun with an extension, allowing you to reach difficult areas such as inside pipes and tubes. They can also be used to create specific patterns.

When you choose Parker Ionics Spray Guns, you not only get the industry's top powder-coating guns but also a vast selection of clog-proof nozzles to use with them.

Excelling in Quality: The Parker Ionics Advantage

At Parker Ionics, we understand that the key to success in our industry is delivering a superior finished product. That's why we prioritize investing in our powder coating technology and designing equipment that guarantees exceptional results.

Our powder coating units, available for manual and automatic operation, come 99% pre-assembled and include everything you need to get started. Our guns utilize incoming air efficiently, provide excellent velocity, and deliver consistent spray patterns, with a full powder cloud, ensuring uniform spray coverage with just one setting. Additionally, minimized back ionization and excellent Faraday cage penetration result in outstanding coverage job after job, producing dramatic results!

End Your Search for the Ultimate Powder Coating Gun Equipment
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Powder Coating System at Parker Ionics

As a leading manufacturer and worldwide supplier of cutting-edge powder coating equipment, booths, and application equipment, Parker Ionics has the solution to all your powder coating needs. Our low-maintenance manual and automatic electrostatic powder coating equipment offer superior transfer efficiency, versatility, and ergonomic design.


Don't settle for less than the best for your powder coating abilities. Contact us today by filling out our form or call (734) 326-7630 to learn more about our products and services. We'll be happy to discuss your project, schedule a demonstration, recommend the right tool or spray gun for you, or enroll you in a class.

Remember, the quality of your powder coat finish is a reflection of the equipment you use. Trust Parker Ionics for consistently high-performing and efficient powder coating supplies and tools.