Audits and Testing Services
Audits and Testing Services
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Superior Powder Coating Testing Equipment and Experienced Techs to Run Them

The powder coating industry is competitive. You need a support team that knows the latest techniques in surface treatments and powder coating to help you maximize the performance of your paint system and your team. We can perform diagnostics remotely, or come to your shop for more comprehensive paint system audits, powder coating testing and balancing. Improving your finish quality and overall operations is key to getting more of the jobs you want.

Call (734) 326-7630 and schedule an appointment for our experts to assess your Parker Ionics powder coating systems.

people gather round to learn more about powder coating equipment from Parker IonicsCoating System Experts at Your Service

Our coating experts work with your team to reduce process inefficiencies and increase first pass transfer efficiencies. When you purchase high-quality powder coating equipment from Parker Ionics, the sale doesn’t stop at our door. Our team is available to you for the life of your equipment. Whether you need a boost in production efficiency, need to improve your finish quality or train a new employee, give us a call. We want to be your first choice in powder coating systems and your number one resource for powder coating training and education!

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